A person who shares in one’s interests or activities; a friend or companion.

It’s only right that I begin my first blog with my favorite, most used word in the English Language. Anyone who knows me personally would not tell you otherwise.  Throughout the avenues in this neighborhood of G.A.M.E., please get acquainted with this term as I will be using it loosely to address you, whether female or male. Child or “Ol’ head.”  Pizza deliveryman or President of the United States.

“Comrade” is a label that I bestow to the people closest to me in my life. You didn’t have to, but you went out of your way either to subscribe, borrow, or view this part of me…this personal piece of intellectual property. If you stole an iPad or a Kindle just to read it, I’m flattered.  But stealing is not good for the community. Whatever the case, you have it now. And whether or not you realize, this is a common ground that has been set between you and I. Thus, the camaraderie has been established. I’m honored at the opportunity to provide this blog.  I appreciate you.

(Remember: The Book of G.A.M.E. blog will give you all the dating nutrients and vitamins you need in excerpt format.  It will give you a taste of what’s to be expected at my Live Sessions, which will expound on the many subjects.  Stay tuned for the dates and details)

~The Philly Cat!


13 thoughts on “comrade

  1. Norma-jean Rosales

    My new favorite past time, reading the book of G.A.M.E. I look forward to it every morning while I take a break from studying my biochemistry!

  2. Robin Engram

    Thank You For Sharing , You are Very Gifted In Writing Continued Blessings. I look forward to reading more ……I love Proverbs 31 (King Lemuel ‘s Mother taught Him) it talks alot about what a man should look for and what a woman should be in relationships !

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