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Please pardon the delay, comrade.

~The Philly Cat!


The Necessary Evil~


All too often I stumble across the proverbial question…

…by a comrade of mine, confiding in me about his complicated love life.
…In the grocery store: eavesdropping on a group of damsels confessing in the 15 items or less lane -clearly with 16 items or more in their carts-
…or with myself.

All too often I experience that never ending, insatiable question(s).

“Why do we play games?”

“Why is s/he playing games with me?”

“When are the games ever going to end?”

There’s a thousand ways to ask the question. But no matter how you dice it, a game is being played.

(Game is not to be confused with G.A.M.E. ~stay with me)

A women’s makeup is so complex that it becomes simple. The way she thinks, talks, lives, breathes, and operates is what makes her unique. Her needs, how she likes to chase but not too hard, how she likes to be chased sometimes but not stalked, what makes her smile, excite, levitate differs from the needs of the gentlemen. Thus, we walk right into the game head on without a warning sometimes. We don’t have any pieces, no cards, dice or nothing.

Sometimes the games are subtle and undetectable, and sometimes they’re very obvious and aggresive~ like walking into a friends house and they yell at you, “take all the money out of your pocket, sit down, and play” meanwhile giving you a handful of poker chips in exchange for your bills. Either way, you have to be ready.

G.A.M.E. (Getting A Major Edge) will get you there.

I can count on more than 5 fingers how many times I hear this in a week; “I don’t wanna play games. I just wanna love”

or, my personal favorite

“I’m too old to be playing these d*mn games!”

The fact of the matter is:
The harder we try NOT to play games
The harder it is that we are actually playing.

Game is inevitable.

Some people call it “cat and mouse” and some people just call it like it is. Games are being played. But that doesn’t make it a bad thing. In fact, it’s a very positive thing once you identify either the game you started, or the game you walked into.

Just don’t get caught up in winning nor losing. Usually winning has to do with one party trying to gain power in some way. For ex. A damsel trying to make her mate jealous in some way, in order to guage her man’s commitment and care level.

There’s a copious amount of games out there. So I won’t pretend like I have the free time to share them all nor you will pretend to have the time to read them.

In the game of chess, the object is to not only capture the King, but to protect the Queen from being taken. This is easily why it is my favorite.

Game is the necessary evil. This is why you need G.A.M.E.

If you don’t take anything from this, take that!