The Peep Toe Shoe.

The Peep Toe Shoe.
I love; I respect the art of the Damsel.
I love the way they look. Love the way they smell.
The way they walk. (Especially the “Angry walk”)
Love their minds.
I love their hair.
Their bodies, their spirit.
I love the way they sound when they talk.
Yell, whisper, and moan.
I love their variation.
I love just about everything about women.
Except the Peep Toe Shoe.
The Peep Toe Shoe is the most deceptive shoe in the world.
For all who don’t know
The peep toe shoe was designed to add sex appeal to a damsel’s Shoe G.A.M.E.
It is usually a pump with a small opening that will accommodate the big toe and sometimes the second toe depending on the cut of the shoe and toe girth.
When worn by a damsel, The Peep Toe Shoe has a unique purpose:
~It affords the viewer the ability to get a glimpse of the toes
~Adds a comfort and peace of mind to the ladies who either can’t or won’t show off their whole foot (for respective reasons)
~Leaves room for the imagination
~Provides a fashionable alternative for those who are not qualified to have all ten toes exposed
I’ve found in my studies that The Peep Toe Shoe has been abused for decades.
Used for the wrong reasons.
And while they used to be all about the sexy, all they do now is raise questions that don’t always yield satisfactory responses:
“What does her toes really look like?”
“Is she hiding something in there?”
“What are those bumps protruding from the inside of the shoe?………is she a former ballet dancer?
….or maybe she’s a rock kicker on the side….”
>>>>>>>>>>Peep Toe Shoe, KICK ROCKS!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
All in all, to minimize some quality control issues with dating
I think The Peep Toe Shoe should just be banned all together
The Peep Toe Shoe is a liar.
I surveyed a group of women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages.
Close to a hundred percent of them told me that a manicure and pedicure (“Mani/Pedi’s”) was a necessary part of their routine.
Of those women, vast majority of them informed me that the French Tip Pedicure was their most desirable design.
See: Below
French Tip
(If you didn’t know what a “French Tip” was, I’m not really sure I have the means to help you )…  It’s when the nail/toe is painted clear or some other glossy color, and the tip is painted White.  Ladies have evolved in nail swagger, so they actually come in all colors now.)
Anyway, I’ve found that The Peep Toe Shoe compliments a French Tip Pedicure most splendidly
However, some damsels have the notorious French Tip design showing on the head toe
But when the shoes come off later, you realize that the rest of the toes don’t match
The big toe may have a French Tip
But when The Peep Toe comes off
You soon find out that the rest of the toes are Speaking Spanish
“Necesito Agua, Agua Por Favor!” [I need water, water please!]
“Ayudame!!” [Help me]
“Quiero lotion, Dios” [I need lotion, Dear God]
“Elote, elote! [Corn, corn!!!]
Ladies, make sure that all your toes speak the same language~
I say all this to say
That the utter and complete elimination of The Peep Toe shoe
Can build and strengthen relationships everywhere
Are they sexy? Yes.
Comfortable? Who cares.
They’re  entirely too risky.
I’d rather settle for a less-sexy but completely honest shoe.
Surprises aren’t good when it comes to the toes.
But wear what you want.  As long as you feel good.
Would you be so magnanimous to leave your thoughts about the matter?….
An insurmountable New Year to you and yours.