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The One That Got AwayI sat and pondered about this post while sipping from a coke can that read the words “Dreamer” along the side of it. A lot has happened since the last time we met. I published The Book of G.A.M.E. (Getting a Major Edge) in January 2014 — which has done quite well by the way and I thank every and each one of you for the sales and support. Yes, I said “every and each.” I also experienced Africa for the first time, and then a second — traveled across the globe and proposed to the most gorgeous woman in the world — spoke to some kids — stood on a few stages to a few groups of strangers and told some stories that elicited laughter — travelled some more — and of course, bought a few new suits and hats along the way. Needless to say, time has gotten away from me. And time, whether you’re having fun or not, flies, doesn’t it? So…you might as well enjoy it. You owe it to yourself.

Life has been more than a blessing and I’ve been enjoying every second! A dear friend and brother of mine inspired me to keep the blog alive, not so much for own benefit, but to pay the inspiration forward. I took some time to get my thoughts in order and realize that I come to you now as a better, more polished man. A man in love, first of all. A man who has seen some of God’s green earth’s most necessary sights with mere dollars in his checking account. A man with no tattoos on his spirit. A more vulnerable, giving man who is more polished, self-aware, fearless and unapologetic. A man who is funny sometimes — a man who is letting his beard grow in for the first time because She likes it. A man with the edge that he spent 6 painful years writing about before the book was published. I’m excited to bring this man to you on a regular basis. I’m all in.

Thank you for continuing to support me and please do share.

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Yes, please.


Here’s a long status for you. Yes, please. So I’m embarking on an incredible voyage tomorrow — ETHIOPIA. I’m terribly honored at the opportunities that God & Jesus Christ has made ajar up for me. It’s always been a lifelong dream of mine to be able to go to Africa and use my gifts to impact people. I still can’t get over the fact that tomorrow is the day. It’s been 8 years since I’ve stepped on the stage as a stand up comedian — and as an unorthodox style with unprecedented purpose — I thank God for every fan of the art form who has lent me their ears throughout the years. Part of why I’m taking this pilgrimage is that I’m burnt out. As some of you care to know, I published a book recently. I’m sure that I’ve inundated your newsfeed with its promotion long enough. Well, this book was hands down the most arduous task I’ve ever accomplished in my life. It feels rewarding now but honestly, IT BURNT ME OUT. So much of my life experiences, my soul, and my bone marrow went into this piece — that sometimes — it feels like I don’t have much more to give. And anyone who knows me knows that I’m anti-LA despite the fact that I’ve been there over 9 years. Most of the residents are opportunistic, pretentious, and ungrateful — some of the most inauthentic people I’ve ever come across. A lot of people are not happy for you when you reach your Zenith, but then again that’s anywhere. But also – you must know that I’ve met some lifelong friends and comrades from LA — both in the biz and outside. Notwithstanding, Los Angeles is burning me out. Hence, my writing has taken a toll, my stand up comedy, and even my body. I’m going to Africa to recharge — spiritually — mentally — creatively — physically. There’s so much more to life than self-gain…I’ve embraced this notion…and it’s important for you to do the same. I plan to work with children, promote literary awareness, tell jokes, build playgrounds, and immerse myself into a culture that is admittedly so less fortunate than my own — all, without pay. I don’t want it. What will be paid to my heart I know is so much more valuable than cash. Iron sharpens iron. And as an artist, it is my job to sharpen myself so that I can bring it to whoever’s listening, reading, or watching.

Life is but a vapor. Don’t take your days for granted. Africa doesn’t have Starbucks with free wi-fi every two blocks — so please don’t fret if you don’t hear from me via text, email, or status. Don’t worry. I’ll come back wavy. But if by chance I don’t, the Nissan and the Acura is in the will for you Daniel Auspicious Hunter. Joke. Okay, maybe not. Be wavy and I love you — all of you. I’m happy for anything positive that you’re doing. Yes, please. ~Charles Kellam “The Philly Cat!”


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