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The One That Got AwayI sat and pondered about this post while sipping from a coke can that read the words “Dreamer” along the side of it. A lot has happened since the last time we met. I published The Book of G.A.M.E. (Getting a Major Edge) in January 2014 — which has done quite well by the way and I thank every and each one of you for the sales and support. Yes, I said “every and each.” I also experienced Africa for the first time, and then a second — traveled across the globe and proposed to the most gorgeous woman in the world — spoke to some kids — stood on a few stages to a few groups of strangers and told some stories that elicited laughter — travelled some more — and of course, bought a few new suits and hats along the way. Needless to say, time has gotten away from me. And time, whether you’re having fun or not, flies, doesn’t it? So…you might as well enjoy it. You owe it to yourself.

Life has been more than a blessing and I’ve been enjoying every second! A dear friend and brother of mine inspired me to keep the blog alive, not so much for own benefit, but to pay the inspiration forward. I took some time to get my thoughts in order and realize that I come to you now as a better, more polished man. A man in love, first of all. A man who has seen some of God’s green earth’s most necessary sights with mere dollars in his checking account. A man with no tattoos on his spirit. A more vulnerable, giving man who is more polished, self-aware, fearless and unapologetic. A man who is funny sometimes — a man who is letting his beard grow in for the first time because She likes it. A man with the edge that he spent 6 painful years writing about before the book was published. I’m excited to bring this man to you on a regular basis. I’m all in.

Thank you for continuing to support me and please do share.

Anticipate me.






Pretty Girls Poop — an excerpt from “The Book of G.A.M.E.”


Chapter 5: Pretty Girls Poop


A pretty girl may never show her true colors, especially when she first starts courting someone. A woman’s bowels in my opinion, are the most resilient force on the planet. If a lady is seeing 
someone who she deems special, she’ll hold her numero dos for over a year. The instant that a man leaves the house for any reason, the damsel will blitz the bathroom like a linebacker to a pass play. 

(This chapter reminds men that regardless of the amount of beauty a damsel possesses, she is still a human being — so she need not be feared. This will enhance confidence — minimize rejection — and make the world a better venue.)

Charles Kellam
The Book of G.A.M.E. (Getting a Major Edge)

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Pretty Girls Poop

Style – Chivalry – Grooming – Dating – Life – Love – Happiness – I cover it.


Crop the person out of choice, and place yourself in the photo.

Get the edge.

No one deserves happiness more than you!

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Twon's Wedding~

The Good Hairline Years


Human Mannequein

I feel like I wasted my last good hairline years on my ex~

I remember the days when I had a dark, crispy, robust hairline that would slice one deeply if they ran their finger across it at the wrong angle. I remember it went straight across my forehead like a crew neck t-shirt; now it’s more like a v-neck.

Yet with a combination of Time, Bad Relationships, stress, and DNA, it’s not as vigorous anymore. But it doesn’t concern me. My handsome starts from within.

Ladies, you may find the same to be true in your life. You spend countless months, years, and decades with men who relentlessly consume your “Good Hairline Years.” Maybe your hair used to fall and land at the bottom of your back, and now it struggles to barely land at the bottom of your neck. Perhaps the thick, course, beautiful hair that used to drive you crazy because it was hard to manage is now thinner than it used to be…and you want it back. But knowing that you can’t get it back (naturally) drives you even crazier. Stupid Crazy, as you realize that life happens.

Yes, it does.

But this reinforces our human state, and that also, time is the most valuable resource. It’s the ONLY thing in life, other than life itself, that you cannot get back. Treat it as such.

The Good Hairline Years might be a metaphor for an even deeper emotional and spiritual urgency. Maybe you want kids, and he doesn’t. Maybe you spend too much time in the house because you’re scared to death to go out and enjoy your life after watching the news. The news is the devil. Maybe you’ve been using that Wells Fargo teller position as a “Stepping Stone” and realized that 12 years has passed by………….meanwhile, your passion to become an interior decorator has been put on the back burner. Not even on the back burner, on the foreman grill in the closet. Maybe you’re with a man, just to maintain the perception of “being with someone” and have a warm bed to enter. Meanwhile, happiness does not exist in you.

Or maybe, just maybe you lead the perfect life, have the perfect hairline, and have no need for the Book of G.A.M.E.

Or, maybe not.

Female or male, you need to understand that your beauty starts from within. Identify that and let it resonate outward. NEVER let time pass with any person, thing, or opportunity that’s not good for you.

Don’t waste your Good Hairline Years on anyone.

June 27th, 2013. ~ The Book of G.A.M.E. available at a book store near you

Pretty Girls Poop.


Please believe, that I did everything in my power to avoid this issue.

Well, almost everything. After having a deep talk with one of my dear comrades, I found it necessary.  He actually inspired the title that you hate that you love.

Pretty girls poop!

I’m not too keen on it.

I don’t like it.

And to be quite frank with you, I still don’t fully accept it.

And I know what you’re probably thinking:

“It’s 2013. Get over it!”

But I’m not over it, so I implore you to get over the fact that I’m just not over it yet.

These are my thoughts~

I put Damsels on a pedestal.  Even the ones who don’t deserve it.

I guess you can say, I’m a female chauvinist, if you will.

My Mother raised me, so she was like a God to me.


I look up to women.

I treasure their existence.

I admire them.

Again, even the ones who don’t deserve it.

So just the mere fact in knowing that Damsels defecate troubles me.

It humanizes them in a way that I’m not really comfortable with.

But that’s just me.

And as much as I despise this harsh reality, I realize the bigger picture.

G.A.M.E. can be improved significantly if men took the time to realize that Pretty Girls have to visit the porcelain every now and again.  Depending on how you look at it, we can turn the feces into fertilizer.  And some men just don’t see it this way yet.  That’s why I’m here…



Every man in the world, including myself, has seen that Damsel that was so beautiful, it made him quiver.

Made him nearly sh*t himself…at least once.  I know I have.


Because true beauty is nerve-wracking and scary.

(And by beauty, I mean whatever you perceive as such.)

When people get nervous, their bowels start doing peculiar things.

It doesn’t matter if you celebrate Ramadan, on your 9th day of fasting; matter will find it’s way to your tail feather if you’re nervous.  Bottom line.

So back to my Soapbox…

There was a girl named Nia quite a few yesterdays ago.

Nia. Was. Everything.

She & I lived on the same street, her about 6 houses down.

I don’t know what it was about this girl that wrapped my stomach in knots when I saw her; but somehow, she was successful at it every time.

So what did I finally do?

I did what every young handsome boy with raging hormones does whenever he sees a girl he likes:

I ran.

I fled the scene immediately, like clockwork.

I would go back to the comfort of my living room and spectate her glory from the mini blinds.

This was way before the Book of G.A.M.E. even came out.

I was G.A.M.E.-less

Even my father’s continuous pep talks couldn’t get me to overcome these emotional hurdles I was hurdling…fear that she would reject me.

If I knew then

what I know now, Nia would’ve been in the bag.

Turns out that I put her on such a high pedestal, that I was unable to reach her myself. And that was my own doing.

Comrades, be confident.  Please.  A Damsel at the end of the day, is a human being at the beginning of the day.  Confidence is everything.  You need to understand that rejection is always a possibility, even for the Damsel that makes you nervous.  G.A.M.E. is a mechanism designed to help you minimize these rejections.  Never be too afraid to approach what you think may be a shot at something real.  Pedestals are for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalists.  But if you happen to accidentally place her up there real high…

Bring her back down!

You can simply do so by just remembering, that Pretty Girls do it too.



G.A.M.E. = Getting A Major Edge


First of all

I’m here to destroy all the old, out-dated dating rules and establish more handsome ones.  Better ones.  That work.

(First and a half of all…)

I’m sure by now you’re probably wondering:

Who is this guy?

And before we get to that, I would like to thank you for subscribing to the official blog for The Book of G.A.M.E.

You ever notice that people speak different languages all over the world?  The way they dance.  The way they dress.  The things they do for fun… are so much different.  But you ever notice that the crackle of laughter sounds the same no matter what part of the world you’re in? That’s because laughter is a universal language. It’s something that cannot be taught. It’s just the natural response that our bodies make to something positive.

I believe that G.A.M.E. is a similar phenomenon. It’s like a smile felt all throughout the globe.  Albeit our differences range all over the place, we all share a common ground of attraction…or need for affection. The only difference is, G.A.M.E. can be taught. That’s where I come in.

So when I say “world handbook”, I mean just that. My travels, which I will tell you about at a later date, have afforded me the opportunity to meet thousands of people. Some very interesting people. Some very funny-looking people. (That’s a compliment.) But people from all over, nonetheless. I’ve been a writer ever since I was able to embrace the #2 pencil with my left hand.

As an artist, my job is to watch.  I observe, and watch some more. I listen to the things people say verbally and non-verbally. Especially women. Their wants. Their needs. Their desires. I understand that what a lot of women would consider a “shortage” in men can only be attributed to the shortage in confidence and savoir-faire that many men have in obtaining these women across the globe. With that being said, I strongly believe in my heart that I have the antidote for you.

And when I say you, I mean YOU! Whether you’re a woman, man, or identify with something else in between. Whether you’re a middle-aged bachelor who used to be the life of the party and is trying to muster up the charisma to be social again, a quasi happily married housewife who is anxious (desperate) for your husband to do something out of the ordinary to add spice, a high school virgin who wants to show the ladies that you can still be fun and maintain your dignity, a young distressed damsel coming from a string of boring “cookie cutter” relationships, a has-been Casanova whose game has long dried up and expired due to modern times, or a beautiful lady in a happy committed relationship looking for nothing more than entertainment, …Whether you’re from Philadelphia, Trinidad & Tobago, Germany, Japan, Los Angeles, Brazil, Guadalajara Mexico, Russia, New York, Mozambique, or somewhere else in between…

The Book of G.A.M.E. is for you!!…!…

This manuscript was founded on the fact that all people of all assortments have two common goals:

1. To love

2. To be loved.

Just remember: Laugh responsibly, and cry reluctantly. There’s something in this blog for everyone.  And trust me, there will be more when you see me live.

So back to your question on who I am, (if you cared at all)

I am a polymath.  A writer: all rights reserved. So usually, I’m alright and reserved. I’m just a messenger, with stage presence.

I’m not saying I’m an expert…

But I am! I have a sound understanding about relationships and everything in between. Moreover, God gave me the uncanny ability to write. If you don’t feel that this blog makes your G.A.M.E. stronger, read it again and turn “The Kardashians” or “The Braxtons” off this time. I guarantee you’ll laugh and learn simultaneously.

I don’t profess infinite wisdom

Believe me, the things I don’t know can fill the sky. But my father once taught me that “a word to the wise is sufficient, and the wise man will take council.” That didn’t make much sense to me when I was 8, but I live by it today. My father is wise, so I continue to listen.

I don’t claim to be a “ladies man”…

But I am a man of the ladies. At a young age, I was spawned solely by women.  A gorgeous mother, an aunt, and a grandmother. Three wonderful women. Three certified psychotic personalities.  On several occasions, there were times when I’d get smacked by one for doing something out of my jurisdiction, go upstairs, and receive cookies and a capri sun from another just for being cute. That’s just how it was growing up in Southwest Philly. It was fantastic. I would have it no other way. Let’s just say, that my upbringing enabled me to ‘Get a Major Edge’ early. Having a 20-year old mother when I was 6 made her my best friend.  That relationship has readied me for things I could not even imagine. I am indebted to the lovely ladies on Beaumont Street for the love and wisdom they gave me.

So without further ado, The Book of G.A.M.E……..





A person who shares in one’s interests or activities; a friend or companion.

It’s only right that I begin my first blog with my favorite, most used word in the English Language. Anyone who knows me personally would not tell you otherwise.  Throughout the avenues in this neighborhood of G.A.M.E., please get acquainted with this term as I will be using it loosely to address you, whether female or male. Child or “Ol’ head.”  Pizza deliveryman or President of the United States.

“Comrade” is a label that I bestow to the people closest to me in my life. You didn’t have to, but you went out of your way either to subscribe, borrow, or view this part of me…this personal piece of intellectual property. If you stole an iPad or a Kindle just to read it, I’m flattered.  But stealing is not good for the community. Whatever the case, you have it now. And whether or not you realize, this is a common ground that has been set between you and I. Thus, the camaraderie has been established. I’m honored at the opportunity to provide this blog.  I appreciate you.

(Remember: The Book of G.A.M.E. blog will give you all the dating nutrients and vitamins you need in excerpt format.  It will give you a taste of what’s to be expected at my Live Sessions, which will expound on the many subjects.  Stay tuned for the dates and details)

~The Philly Cat!