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The One That Got AwayI sat and pondered about this post while sipping from a coke can that read the words “Dreamer” along the side of it. A lot has happened since the last time we met. I published The Book of G.A.M.E. (Getting a Major Edge) in January 2014 — which has done quite well by the way and I thank every and each one of you for the sales and support. Yes, I said “every and each.” I also experienced Africa for the first time, and then a second — traveled across the globe and proposed to the most gorgeous woman in the world — spoke to some kids — stood on a few stages to a few groups of strangers and told some stories that elicited laughter — travelled some more — and of course, bought a few new suits and hats along the way. Needless to say, time has gotten away from me. And time, whether you’re having fun or not, flies, doesn’t it? So…you might as well enjoy it. You owe it to yourself.

Life has been more than a blessing and I’ve been enjoying every second! A dear friend and brother of mine inspired me to keep the blog alive, not so much for own benefit, but to pay the inspiration forward. I took some time to get my thoughts in order and realize that I come to you now as a better, more polished man. A man in love, first of all. A man who has seen some of God’s green earth’s most necessary sights with mere dollars in his checking account. A man with no tattoos on his spirit. A more vulnerable, giving man who is more polished, self-aware, fearless and unapologetic. A man who is funny sometimes — a man who is letting his beard grow in for the first time because She likes it. A man with the edge that he spent 6 painful years writing about before the book was published. I’m excited to bring this man to you on a regular basis. I’m all in.

Thank you for continuing to support me and please do share.

Anticipate me.






The Human Mannequin — an excerpt from “The Book of G.A.M.E.”


Chapter 9: The Human Mannequin


You may recognize mannequins as pieces of fiberglass that pose in the mall. Pale skin and skinny calf muscles. Take the time to study them one day. I promise you, they’re so much more than that. Mannequins are the prototypes of style and fashion. They’re trendsetters. Mannequins are arrogant, and for good reason. They know they look great. Mannequins don’t speak much. But even if they did, they wouldn’t need to. They have silent presence—which is what you strive for.

(This chapter is a brief reinforcement to men that presentation is everything — how you present yourself will be the determinant factor of your professional and love lives)

Charles Kellam
The Book of G.A.M.E. (Getting a Major Edge)
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The Human Mannequin

Pretty Girls Poop — an excerpt from “The Book of G.A.M.E.”


Chapter 5: Pretty Girls Poop


A pretty girl may never show her true colors, especially when she first starts courting someone. A woman’s bowels in my opinion, are the most resilient force on the planet. If a lady is seeing 
someone who she deems special, she’ll hold her numero dos for over a year. The instant that a man leaves the house for any reason, the damsel will blitz the bathroom like a linebacker to a pass play. 

(This chapter reminds men that regardless of the amount of beauty a damsel possesses, she is still a human being — so she need not be feared. This will enhance confidence — minimize rejection — and make the world a better venue.)

Charles Kellam
The Book of G.A.M.E. (Getting a Major Edge)

Available on Amazon

Pretty Girls Poop

Style – Chivalry – Grooming – Dating – Life – Love – Happiness – I cover it.


Crop the person out of choice, and place yourself in the photo.

Get the edge.

No one deserves happiness more than you!

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Twon's Wedding~

The Peep Toe Shoe.

The Peep Toe Shoe.
I love; I respect the art of the Damsel.
I love the way they look. Love the way they smell.
The way they walk. (Especially the “Angry walk”)
Love their minds.
I love their hair.
Their bodies, their spirit.
I love the way they sound when they talk.
Yell, whisper, and moan.
I love their variation.
I love just about everything about women.
Except the Peep Toe Shoe.
The Peep Toe Shoe is the most deceptive shoe in the world.
For all who don’t know
The peep toe shoe was designed to add sex appeal to a damsel’s Shoe G.A.M.E.
It is usually a pump with a small opening that will accommodate the big toe and sometimes the second toe depending on the cut of the shoe and toe girth.
When worn by a damsel, The Peep Toe Shoe has a unique purpose:
~It affords the viewer the ability to get a glimpse of the toes
~Adds a comfort and peace of mind to the ladies who either can’t or won’t show off their whole foot (for respective reasons)
~Leaves room for the imagination
~Provides a fashionable alternative for those who are not qualified to have all ten toes exposed
I’ve found in my studies that The Peep Toe Shoe has been abused for decades.
Used for the wrong reasons.
And while they used to be all about the sexy, all they do now is raise questions that don’t always yield satisfactory responses:
“What does her toes really look like?”
“Is she hiding something in there?”
“What are those bumps protruding from the inside of the shoe?………is she a former ballet dancer?
….or maybe she’s a rock kicker on the side….”
>>>>>>>>>>Peep Toe Shoe, KICK ROCKS!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
All in all, to minimize some quality control issues with dating
I think The Peep Toe Shoe should just be banned all together
The Peep Toe Shoe is a liar.
I surveyed a group of women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages.
Close to a hundred percent of them told me that a manicure and pedicure (“Mani/Pedi’s”) was a necessary part of their routine.
Of those women, vast majority of them informed me that the French Tip Pedicure was their most desirable design.
See: Below
French Tip
(If you didn’t know what a “French Tip” was, I’m not really sure I have the means to help you )…  It’s when the nail/toe is painted clear or some other glossy color, and the tip is painted White.  Ladies have evolved in nail swagger, so they actually come in all colors now.)
Anyway, I’ve found that The Peep Toe Shoe compliments a French Tip Pedicure most splendidly
However, some damsels have the notorious French Tip design showing on the head toe
But when the shoes come off later, you realize that the rest of the toes don’t match
The big toe may have a French Tip
But when The Peep Toe comes off
You soon find out that the rest of the toes are Speaking Spanish
“Necesito Agua, Agua Por Favor!” [I need water, water please!]
“Ayudame!!” [Help me]
“Quiero lotion, Dios” [I need lotion, Dear God]
“Elote, elote! [Corn, corn!!!]
Ladies, make sure that all your toes speak the same language~
I say all this to say
That the utter and complete elimination of The Peep Toe shoe
Can build and strengthen relationships everywhere
Are they sexy? Yes.
Comfortable? Who cares.
They’re  entirely too risky.
I’d rather settle for a less-sexy but completely honest shoe.
Surprises aren’t good when it comes to the toes.
But wear what you want.  As long as you feel good.
Would you be so magnanimous to leave your thoughts about the matter?….
An insurmountable New Year to you and yours.

Beware of the Carpenter.


Jesus was a carpenter.

But HE was perfect.
We’re not.

Besides, I’m talking about something different…

Beware of the Carpenter

Beware of the Carpenter because carpenters “put walls up.”

They do other things, too.  But let’s lay the groundwork first.  Yes, pun intended.

Now, I’m going to break this down in the most simplest, forthright, candid, plainest, all-american ham and cheese sandwich way possible:

You ever meet a damsel/man for the first time?……

Y’all hit it off appropriately

Chemistry amazing

Love at first sight (if you believe in that)

Decide to go on a date


More chemistry

Hydrogen & Oxygen

Everything felt pure like water.

But something changed.

Maybe the water flowed too heavily and in the midst of it all, someone drifted away…

You would like to see more of your date but you’re unaware that s/he has all of a sudden become preoccupied.

*Cell Phone Rings*

Man: Hello

Damsel: Hey!!!

Man: Hey (notice the absence of exclamation point usage. Meaning: lack of enthusiasm)

Damsel: I want to see you!

Man: Oh, really (take notice again..)

Damsel: Can I come over tonight?

Man: Well, I’m really tired. (It’s 6:05pm.) I still have to wrap up some files for a briefing tomorrow, go to the gym, clean the house.  By the time I do all that, I will be exhausted.  Plus, I have an early morning tomorrow.  I have to wake up at 3:30am to do my laundry, it’s expected to be crazy traffic because of daylight savings time, then it’s street cleaning so I have to move my work van.

To the damsel reading this,

That man just put a “wall” up on you.  Not only A wall, but multiple ones.  More than five even.

Wall (n.) {Wawl} ~ A stated thought or action used as a barrier by a man or damsel to passively deter or avoid unwanted company or physical companionship.

2. The cowardly approach of saying “I’m not interested.” 

3. A means of tactfully changing the subject

He is a bona fide Carpenter.

And I’m not talking about his real job.

I’m talking about his character as a person.


..look for the early warning signs while dealing with Carpenters.

Only you can determine if you have the patience to deal with hurdles and the upset.

To some degree, the chase makes it fun, yes.  It’s a natural part of the G.A.M.E.

But too many walls might only make you wish that you had some windows.

At least with windows, you can see through them, or possibly escape if necessary.

Beware of the Carpenter.
(Oh, and subscribe to this)